NC man charged in stabbing of Hampton man

By Abby Morris
Star Staff
A North Carolina man was arrested and charged in connection with a stabbing which occurred in Hampton Wednesday evening.
Timothy Jay Smith, 38, of Wilmington, N.C., was charged with aggravated assault and public intoxication in relation to the incident.
According to reports, officers were called to 117 Arrowood Hill Road in Hampton on a report of a stabbing. "When I arrived I observed a male subject laying on the sofa with what appeared to be a severe stab wound to the navel area," Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Kenny Cornett states in his report. The injured subject was identified as George Walker, age 23, who resides at that residence, and he had sustained an approximately two-inch stab wound.
"I then asked where the suspect was and he said that he was last seen in the back yard," Cornett states. "We then went into the back yard and found a male subject, later identified as Timothy Jay Smith, hiding in the bushes across the street."
At that time Cornett and CCSD Deputy Sarah Ryan asked the man to come out of the bushes. "When he came out we could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage about him and he was unsteady on his feet and he also had blood all over his hands so he was placed under arrest for public intoxication," Cornett said. "When (I) arrived at the jail I advised Mr. Smith of his Miranda rights and he said that he understood them and made the statement that he was acting in self defense."
At that time, CCSD Lt. Inv. Randy Bowers and Inv. Todd Hamm responded to the scene and took over the investigation of the incident, according to Cornett's report.
According to a report by Hamm, a black and silver Timberline brand folding knife with a three-to-four inch blade was recovered at the scene laying on the ground where Smith had been hiding in the bushes. Hamm also states in his report that blood was visible on the knife.
Investigators who responded spoke with Walker's mother, Evelyn Richardson, who also lives at the Arrowood Hill residence. "The victim's mother was interviewed and it was determined that the victim had been stabbed by (Smith) following a brief argument which occurred in the living room of the victim's home," Hamm states in his report. Richardson did not know what the argument was over, according to Hamm, but she did advise investigators that some pushing and shoving had gone on between her son and Smith before her son was stabbed.
Walker was airlifted by Wings Air Rescue to the Johnson City Medical Center Hospital for treatment. According to hospital personnel, Walker was treated for his injuries and later released.
Hamm stated on Thursday afternoon that he had not yet been able to speak to Walker about the incident and to find out what the argument was over. Investigators have not spoken to Smith about the incident either, he added. "When we attempted to talk to him he requested an attorney," Hamm said. "He hasn't made any statements to us."
Smith had been staying with his sister, who lives on Arrowood Hill Road near the residence shared by Walker and his mother.
Smith is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Oct. 7.