County Commission reorganizes committees

By Megan R. Harrell


The County Commission considered reorganizing committees, subcommittees, and boards during its regular session meeting Monday. Commissioners were appointed to committees where they will serve one year terms.
   Appointments to three major county committees were postponed until December to give commissioners time to establish written standards. Commissioner Chuck Culler made the motion appointments be delayed because of confusion about the nomination process.
   "We have some misunderstandings and discrepancies," Culler said. "We have to put in writing how these offices are filled."
   Culler suggested the temporary committees stay in place until written procedures are established. He stated the county has been operating on traditions, and it is time for standards to be set.
   County Executive, Dale Fair encouraged the Nomination Committee and the Rules and Regulations Committee to meet and come up with a suggested written standard for committee nominations in the county. "Let's start today and have something concrete by December," Fair said.
   Three commissioners were appointed to the Work Release Committee. Thomas Bowers, Joe Woods, and Terry Montgomery will serve on the committee for one year.
   Two commissioners were re-appointed to the Jail Inspection Committee. The committee is responsible for monthly visits and inspections of the Carter County Jail. Fair suggested the final appointments be voted on yesterday because the committee has monthly duties to carry out.
   "I would like to get this committee in place now so it can perform its duties this month," Fair said.
   Final appointments were also made to the Rescue Squad Board, Economic Development Board, Civil Service Board, Emergency 911 Board, and the Industrial Development Board.
   The Industrial Development Board, also known as the Bond Board, will operate for the next six years without the Economic Development Director. The commission did not reinstate Director Haynes Elliott, whose current term had expired.
   The board's main purpose is to approve bonds for industries interested in moving into Carter County. It removes some of the county's involvement in the financing process associated with industry relocation. The board is made up of community leaders with years of experience in banking and lending.
   In other business, the commission adopted a resolution to establish November as adoption awareness month. The resolution states there are over 800 children in the state of Tennessee currently waiting for homes. Workers with the Department of Human Services were present to see the resolution adopted.