Col. North visits Tri-Cities

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Staff

Col. Oliver North spent Friday afternoon at the Cameo Theater in Bristol. He handed out autographed copies of his latest book before he hosted his nationally syndicated talk show from the stage of the historic theater.
   North's book, "Mission Compromised," is a best seller based on his real life experiences in the military. He wanted to take the opportunity to honor the military personnel he served with, as well as those who are currently in combat.
   "I wanted to be able to tell a story that recognized the remarkable heroes I have served with over the years, the guys that are fighting this war right now, and the guys that are about to fight the next one," North said. "These are some of the most remarkable men I have ever known, and I wanted to be able give them some acknowledgment."
   North stated his non-fiction book doesn't stray far from actual historical events. He decided to write the book under the genre of non-fiction in order to get it into bookstores as soon as possible. "In order to do it as a non-fiction I would have to wait 35 years to write it, so I wrote it as a novel by changing some of the names, places, dates and times, but this is about those guys."
   Current real life events have North's attention as well. Known as a staunch conservative, he applauds the Bush administration's efforts to combat both foreign and domestic terrorism. He stated that he is comforted to have the conservative administration in place.
   "I look at what is happening right now where we have a major problem with terrorism that is obviously going to be with us for a while. We have a threat from Iraq, we've got a situation in North Korea, and we have a sniper wandering around Washington D.C.," North said. "If you think about it, I thank God we have the kind of leadership we've got in Washington today to deal with it."
   North said that most of the problems the nation faces today are because of the government's lack of attention to them in the past. He believes the inattention has left the Bush administration with a handful of challenges, but is relieved to have the current national leadership.
   The former U.S. colonel would like to return to public leadership himself in the future, but stated his main focus will be at home for the next couple of years. He said he has promised his wife he will wait until their children complete their education before he runs for office again. "I promised my best friend before I would run again and asked for the public's votes, that I would get her vote. When my sophomore in college finishes up I will look to that again," North said.
   North's visit was sponsored by SJ Strategic Investments, LLC of Bristol and PowerTalk 870AM WPWT. North fielded questions from the public during his radio talk show which aired locally.