T.A. Dugger student hit while walking home

By Megan R. Harrell

Star Staff

   A 6th grader at T.A. Dugger Elementary School is okay after being hit by a vehicle on her way home from school Friday afternoon. Madison Shallcross, 11, 217 Daytona Place, was crossing West G Street at approximately 2:15 p.m. when she was struck by the car.
   According to Elizabethton Police Department Officer Carl Burrough, the driver, Steven Dewayne Powers, 21, 217 Cripple Creek Rd., was not speeding at the time of the accident. Burrough said Shallcross ran out into the road in front of Powers.
   "That little girl was following two other little boys across the street and just run right out in front of a car. The car was not speeding," Burrough said.
   Shallcross was taken immediately to Sycamore Shoals Hospital for observation. Officer Burrough stated that she did not sustain serious injuries, but that her two front teeth had been knocked out. He stated that the hospital may keep her overnight to monitor possible head injuries, but that she is doing fine.
   Brandon Deel, 11, witnessed the accident and asked an adult to call the police. "She was chasing after her brother, and the guy in the car put on his breaks and started sliding a real long way then knocked her down," Deel said.
   Deel said he saw cuts on Shallcross's face after she was hit, but that she was talking and doing fine. "She said she felt okay and wanted to get up," Deel said. Deel stated that Shallcross's legs were under the car when if finally came to a complete stop.
   The two 6th graders have one class together at T.A. Dugger, and the incident frightened Deel. "I was pretty scared," Deel said. "It was weird because it had never happened before. I just hope that she is all right."