Police investigating money-changing scam reports at local businesses

From Staff Reports

   Elizabethton police are advising merchants to be wary of a purported money scam involving two female subjects.
   Police officers responded to calls by employees of two businesses
   Friday afternoon reporting two women claiming they had given incorrect change to get additional money from the clerks.
   "We are concerned that other merchants have been hit," said Greg Workman, detective with the department's Criminal Investigations Division.
   Police Captain Rusty Verran was dispatched to the Blue Circle Market on Thursday afternoon on a complaint of fraud.
   Verran spoke to store clerk Robert Jack Hughes who stated that a female subject entered the business and asked for help. He reported that the female gave him eight $5 bills and stated that she needed two $20 bills. Hughes reported that he gave her the two $20 bills and she walked away.
   Before exiting the store, Hughes said the female became argumentative and claimed he had given her one $20 bill and one $1 bill. He advised that he argued with the subject but gave in because customers were coming into the business.
   A witness reported observing the female enter a Ford Bronco with a Sullivan County license tag once she left the store.
   The subject was described as a white female with shoulder-length dark brown hair, wearing a black sport jacket and white pants. The woman also had a Northern accent, according to the police report.
   A clerk at the Discount Tobacco Store next to Blue Circle also reported to police that a woman had entered that business and purchased a pack of Camel Lights (price, $3.45) with a $20 bill. She said she gave the female correct change back from the purchase but the female had insisted the clerk had only given her a $5 bill, a $1 bill and change.
   The second subject was described as 5 feet, 6 inches tall, approximately 150 pounds wearing blue jeans and button-up shirt.
   The two female subjects reportedly left the scene in the Bronco.