Stoney Creek Fire Department to receive over $100,000 in federal money

From Staff Reports

   A federal fire fighting grant has been awarded to the Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department. Congressman Bill Jenkins announced this week that the department will receive $105,084 in federal funding.
   The Stoney Creek Fire Department is the second in Carter County to receive grant money from the U.S. Fire Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the U.S. Fire Administration. Hampton Volunteer Fire Department was also recently notified that it will receive nearly $17,000 in federal funding.
   "This funding is very important for the men and women of both volunteer and career fire departments to continue to safeguard the community's life and property," Jenkins said. "It will provide the necessary incentive for all citizens to join in supporting the fire fighting units which face such tremendous challenges."
   Over 19,000 fire departments had applied for the grant awards during the current year. The money will be used for training, analysis, public fire education, and fire protection technology.