Tragedy rips through county schools after shooting

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Staff

   Sunday night's shooting in Lynn Valley has left the Carter County School System with one teacher dead and a principal critically injured. Officials have been working to provide adequate counseling for teachers and students in the schools.
   Superintendent of County Schools, Dallas Williams, spent Monday visiting the schools where Roger and Peggy Campbell were employed. Peggy Campbell is the principal at Happy Valley Elementary School, and Roger Campbell taught third grade at Valley Forge Elementary.
   "We are doing everything we can to provide comfort and support," Williams said. "We have two schools affected by this unfortunate event. Our supervisors are working with the schools' administrations, and we have counselors available when and where they are needed."
   A counselor was with Roger Campbell's students at Valley Forge Elementary Monday. "The kids were very emotional at first, but they are trying to have as normal a day as possible," Williams said.
   Williams described the mood at both schools as extremely emotional. Extra substitute teachers were on hand for teachers at Valley Forge Elementary who were having a difficult time coping with the loss of their colleague. Williams stated a couple teachers who were close to Roger Campbell were having a hard time, but all of the teachers stayed at school.
   Williams expressed his sympathy to the educators' family and loved ones. He visited Peggy Campbell's family at the Johnson City Medical Center. "Our hearts go out to the families of the deceased and injured," Williams said.
   As a whole, the Carter County School System is doing the best that can be expected after such a tragedy. However, Williams admits he is in unfamiliar territory coping with Sunday's shooting. "We have lost students in the past, and we have lost teachers in the past, but I have personally never experienced anything like this before."