Voting on wheel tax declines

From Staff Reports

   This Wednesday, Oct. 31, will be the final day of early voting on the wheel tax referendum for Carter County. Election officials said Monday that the number of voters coming to the courthouse has declined considerably since the first week of early voting, which began Oct. 17.
   Election Commissioner Tracy Harris said that traffic around the courthouse may be the reason less voters are turning out to the polls.
   "Some people who voted earlier today said they were hesitant to come in because of all the cars in the [courthouse] parking lot," Harris said. "They thought they would have to stand in line to vote."
   There were, however, no lines at the polls. By mid-afternoon, only 76 voters had turned out -- as opposed to more than 140 voters who cast their ballots before lunch during the first day of early voting two weeks ago.
   Harris hopes that the declining number of early voters doesn't mean people have lost interest in the referendum.
   "We were expecting a big turnout on Nov. 6 for regular voting," Harris said. "But with less people showing up to vote, we're beginning to wonder."