Students have 'Power of Choice'

Rick Amato told Elizabethton High School students Friday that each of them has the 'Power of Choice' when it comes to use of illegal drugs which can lead to drug addiction.
   Speaking to the 886-member student body in the school's gym, Amato said, "You have the power of choice but do not have the power to choose the consequences of your choices."
   "The war on drugs has failed. It is time to change the focus from the supply to the demand," according to Amato, who launched a 'War on Addiction' campaign in schools throughout the country 20 years ago.
   Sgt. Danny Hilbert, Drug Awareness and Resistance Education (DARE) officer with the Elizabethton Police Department, attended the event.
   Elizabethton City Schools is conducting an ongoing drug awareness program in conjunction with Elizabethton Police Department and DARE.