Bristol Police respond to suspicious packages

From Staff Reports

   Bristol Tennessee Police Department responded around 3:15 p.m. Friday to the White Hall building at King College regarding a complaint of a suspicious package. The building was sealed off and all individuals that had been in contact with the package were detained.
   Decontamination procedures were used and detainees eventually were released.
   The Sullivan County Health Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bristol Virginia Fire Department's Haz-Mat team, Bristol Tennessee Fire Department and Sullivan County Emergency Management Agency were contacted and responded to the scene.
   Decontamination procedures were determined by the Health Department and the FBI. The package was taken by the FBI for analysis. At the time of the report, the investigation was ongoing.
   Another incident occurred around 4:30 p.m., when another package of suspicious nature was brought into the police department by a concerned citizen. The citizen was detained and decontamination procedures were used. This citizen also was released and the package kept to be sent to the lab for analysis. That investigation, too, is ongoing.
   The police department is maintaining a high state of readiness and is prepared for any incidents of this nature, according to Capt. Blaine Wade.
   Any citizen receiving packages in the mail that appear suspicious are encouraged to contact the police to come to their location. Citizens should not move the packages and should not bring them to the police department. Police will respond to their location.
   Carter County Sheriff's Department and Elizabethton Police Department had not had any reports of suspicious packages in the local area.