Doctor cited for city code violation


   A city doctor has been issued a citation by Elizabethton's code enforcement officer for failure to abate a nuisance after he failed to remove a "milk truck" from his property on West G Street.
   According to the report, Police Department Capt. Tom Bowers went to 1427 West G St. on Sept. 19 to inspect an old yellow refrigeration truck which had been at the location for several months. The officer found that the tags on the truck expired in 1989 and the registration was no longer on file. The vehicle identification number also was not on file.
   The officer placed a notice of violation on the windshield of the truck advising the owner that he was in violation of city ordinance and that he had 10 days to correct the problem. Capt. Bowers set a re-inspection date for Oct. 2, however, he did not return to the property until Oct. 9. When he arrived, he found the vehicle still at the location and in the same condition as before. Since no action had taken place, the officer called for a wrecker and had the vehicle towed to the city impound lot.
   The officer later went to the office of Dr. Joe May and advised him that the vehicle had been towed and that he was in violation of city code. May was issued a citation to appear in City Court on Oct. 15 to answer the charge.
   According to the report, May became abusive and began cursing, complaining to the officer that he pays excessive taxes and gets no service in return.