Two inmates charged with assault

By Abby Morris-Frye
star staff

  Two inmates at the Carter County Jail have been charged with assaulting another inmate in two separate fights which occurred on Thursday.
  John David Hudson III, 29, 144 John Alfred Loop, and Charles Gaylon McConnell, 27, 120 Reeser Rd., Apt. 41, Johnson City, were both charged with assault after fellow inmate Jason Jones told jailers that the two men had assaulted him.
  According to reports, at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, jailers heard someone beating on the door in the D Block area of the jail and responded to see what was occurring.
  "Officers found inmate Jason Jones at the door. Mr. Jones advised that he could no longer live in that block," states Carter County Sheriff's Department Deputy Charlotte Walker, who serves as a jailer in the Carter County Jail, in her report. "Mr. Jones had the appearance of having been in a physical altercation. His face was red on the left side around the eye socket."
  Once jailers removed Jones from the cell block, Jones then said that he had been assaulted by another inmate. "An account of the event, as stated by Jason Jones to (me) was that Mr. Jones overheard several inmates talking about jumping him and beating him up. Mr. Jones then went to the door and started beating, to alert officers," Walker said. "At this time, Mr. Jones was approached by a tall, long haired guy with several tattoos on his arms, including ones of jail bars on his left and right hands that say 'Doin Time'. This person was later identified as (Hudson). Mr. Jones stated this was the person that hit him in D Block."
  Jones was moved from the D Block area to the E Block.
  Approximately one hour later, jailers again heard someone beating on a door in the jail, this time on the door to E Block. When jailers opened the door, Jones was standing there and said that he had been assaulted again. "Mr. Jones had the appearance of having been in a physical altercation. His face was extremely red on the left side, particularly in the area of the cheek bone and eye, and some reddening on the right side of his face," Walker states in her report.
  Jones told jailers that inmates in E Block had also assaulted him. "Mr. Jones stated that Charles McConnell started hitting him and kicking him in the face," states Walker in her report. "Mr. Jones advised he tried to get away from Charles McConnell and get to the door, but everyone kept trying to hold him and pull him back in. He was finally able to get to the door and alert officers."
  Following the investigation into the events, Hudson and McConnell were charged with one count of assault each. Jones was then moved to another cell block to prevent further incidents.