The Standards perform at local high schools

By Lesley Hughes
star staff

  An up-and-coming a cappella musical group, The Standards, is visiting Carter County while performing at area high schools with a drug and alcohol prevention message.
  The five brothers, Nicholas, Quinn, Jordon, Morgan, and Nathan Williams, have traveled the world together, performing for more than 11 years. Hailing from Twin Falls, Idaho, the men started working together at a theater company before following in the footsteps of a fellow performer that focused his message to schools on drug and alcohol prevention.
  Students at all the county high schools were entertained with performances throughout the week. The group performed at Cloudland High School on Tuesday afternoon before the student body which gave an enthusiastic response to the singers and their message.
  Students waived arms, sang along, and cheered for the antics of the brothers who choreographed dance moves to the songs "Lean On Me", "In the Jungle" and many more.
  Despite singing in an a cappella style, audiences would never be left lacking for musical instrument accompanying the words. Nicholas was introduced as the bass singer who can imitate the drums, tuba and other instruments to perfection. To the blind eye, he could fool someone to think a booming stereo system was passing by.
  The drug and alcohol prevention message came from Jordon who unfortunately lost a dear friend to suicide. He told of the friend's depression which led to alcoholism and drug use. The man's wife and children were afraid of the different person he would become when he was doing drugs.
  Jordon said his friend left for three weeks, without telling anyone where he was going, before committing suicide.
  Nicholas said the mission for performing for students is "to let everyone know that their life is worth living."
  The Standards have opened for LoneStar, the Oak Ridge Boys, Vanessa Carlton, The Baha Men, All-4-One, Emerson Drive and other well known musical artists. They will be doing a concert on Thursday at 7 p.m. at T. A. Dugger Jr. High School. Tickets are $5 at the door.
  The show will have a different tone from the school assemblies the group does. Nicholas gave a preview of his impersonations he will do on Thursday evening, complete with a Michael Jackson song excerpt and the moon walk.