Legislators announce funding for county

  From Staff Reports

  Local legislators announced Monday $82.9 million in state appropriations for the 2004-2005 fiscal year. Sen. Rusty Crowe (R-Johnson City) and Rep. Jerome Cochran (R-Elizabethton) said Carter County will receive $9.3 billion in federal funding in the state's $24.4 billion budget as adopted by the 103rd General Assembly.
  State budget appropriations for Carter County fall into the following general categories: $31.5 million for education (K-12); $10.6 million in state-shared tax collections; $32.8 million for health and social services; $2.2 million for justice and public safety; $2.8 million for recreation and resources development; $1.2 million for state highway projects, and $1.2 million for separate facilities. The remaining $0.6 million is for miscellaneous items.
  The proposed budget allocates $23.7 million for the Carter County School District and $7.9 million for Elizabethton City Schools.
  "The Legislature provides for full funding of the Basic Education Program which is the major portion of state K-12 school funding. The Basic Education Program includes teachers' salaries, capital outlay, pupil transportation, textbooks, teachers' sick leave, teachers' retirement, and additional instructional materials," Sen. Crowe said. "The county's share in the BEP is estimated to be $22.8 million and Elizabethton's is estimated to be $7.3 million."
  Representative Cochran said, "I think Carter County did well in this year's budget. These numbers are provided through the Joint Finance, Ways, and Means Committee and are the best numbers we have available. These numbers depend on state revenue collections coming in according to estimates."
  Crowe represents Senate District 3 which includes Carter and Washington counties. Representative Cochran represents House District 4 which includes Carter County.