CCSB elects new chairman, vice chairman

By Abby Morris
Star Staff
Carter County Board of Education members recognized nearly 50 elementary and middle school students for their dedication during a summer reading program and also elected a new chairman and vice-chairman Thursday afternoon.
The board recognized 48 students from nine of the county's elementary and middle schools for their performance in the Carter County/Elizabethton Public Library's summer reading program. The students who were recognized read enough books or pages to obtain the status of "Super Reader" for their age and grade level.
According to Vivian Yonkey, an employee of the library who worked with the summer reading program, approximately 1,477 children enrolled in the summer reading program this year. "The Carter County/Elizabethton Public Library has one of the fastest growing groups in the program," she said, adding that public libraries across the state of Tennessee participate in the program.
Children who participate in summer reading and who achieve the level of "Super Reader" are rewarded for their dedication. "This year, what we are doing for them is - they were recognized at the Elizabethton Twins Game on Aug. 12; you are recognizing the children from Carter County here tonight, and they will be on our float in the Christmas parade," Yonkey said.
Cloudland Elementary, more than any other participating school in the county school system or the Elizabethton City School System, had the most students who reached "Super Reader" level, with 13 readers achieving the designation.
The board voted at the meeting without dissent to elect Daniel Holder as the new chairman of the Carter County Board of Education. "I think you have the good of the children in Carter County in your heart and that's what we're here for," said former Chairman Richard Winters as he handed the gavel over to Holder.
Holder had served the board as vice-chairman before being elected to serve as chairman. Members then voted to elect Board Member Bob McClain as the new vice-chairman.