CCSD investigating Sunday shooting in Roan Mountain

By Abby Morris
Star Staff
Carter County Sheriff's Department officers are investigating an incident which occurred in Roan Mountain Sunday afternoon where one man shot another in the leg.
According to reports, Hale Hughes, age 63, of Hampton Creek Road, shot Steven Algier, no age or address available, in the leg at Hughes' residence Sunday afternoon.
Carter County Sheriff John Henson was the first officer to arrive on the scene, according to a report by CCSD Lt. Rocky Croy, and when Henson arrived, he found Hughes sitting on his porch and Algier lying in the yard bleeding from the gunshot wound. "Mr. Hughes gave Sheriff Henson a .22 caliber rifle that he said he had shot Mr. Algier with," Croy states in his report. "Upon arrival and talking to Mr. Hughes he had an odor of alcoholic beverage upon him and he said that Mr. Algier and several others came to his residence and they all had been drinking and after awhile Mr. Algier started cussing him and threatened him."
According to Henson, that is when the altercation between Hughes and Algier occurred. "(Algier) started in this guy's house and this guy told him not to come in and he kept trying to come in," Henson said. "So (Hughes) grabbed a rifle and fired a couple of warning shots. The victim (Algier) let him know that he wasn't afraid of the gun and stated that he was going to whip him and he kept trying to get into the house and the man (Hughes) shot him."
Henson stated that Algier was transported to the Johnson City Medical Center Hospital for treatment. "I don't believe his injuries were life-threatening," Henson said. According to Croy's report, the bullet entered the outside of Algier's left leg, exited the inside area, then entered the inside area of the right leg and exited the outside.
"As far as charges, everything is still pending. No charges have been filed at this time and the investigation is continuing," Henson said. "After we get all the witnesses and talk to them we'll know a little more about what happened."