Woman arrested for shoplifting after striking security with car

By Abby Morris
Star Staff
A 24-year-old woman was arrested and charged with assault and shoplifting, and her 25-year-old husband was issued a summons for shoplifting, following an incident at a local store Saturday night which left a store employee injured.
Natasha M. Bowers Williams, 194 Roy Bowers Road, was taken into custody at Wal-Mart after officers responded to a call to aid store loss prevention personnel in apprehending a female who had struck one of the employees with her vehicle while attempting to flee the scene. She has been charged with aggravated assault and shoplifting.
When Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Mike Commons arrived at Wal-Mart, he spoke with Wal-Mart security personnel, identified as Thomas Archer, Keith Bowers and Josh Hopkins, who advised the officer that they had observed two people attempting to steal DVDs. The two individuals were identified as Natasha Bowers Williams and her husband, Johnny Williams.
"Mr. Williams was taken into custody without incident," Commons states in his report. "While trying to apprehend Mrs. Williams, Mr. Archer was struck by the vehicle Mrs. Williams was attempting to leave the scene in."
After Natasha Bowers Williams was removed from the vehicle, she continued to resist being taken into custody. "Three security agents were needed to restrain Mrs. Williams until officers arrival," Commons states.
Natasha Bowers Williams was charged with aggravated assault for striking the security officer with the vehicle. According to the report, Archer identified himself as a security officer three times while he was attempting to apprehend her.
Security personnel from Wal-Mart took a warrant out against Natasha Bowers Williams charging her with assault, and she was served with the warrant. Johnny Williams was issued a citation for shoplifting in lieu of a criminal summons.
Natasha Bowers Williams is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Sept. 16.
Natasha Bowers Williams and Johnny Williams have both been indicted and charged in the March 2001 death of 23-year-old James Aaron Cornett. Natasha Bowers Williams was charged with second-degree murder while her husband, along with co-defendants Heather Kropp and Kathy Benfield, were charged with accessory after the fact of criminally negligent homicide.
An autopsy ruled that Cornett's death was the result of toxic levels of Oxycodone, a form of OxyContin. All four who were charged originally told investigators that Cornett had been drinking and that he then passed out and quit breathing.
According to investigators working on the case, after the autopsy results were complete, all four of those involved told investigators what had happened to Cornett.
All four charged reported that they had lied to investigators during their original questioning and advised investigators that Natasha Bowers Williams, who was not married to Johnny Williams at that time, had sold Cornett two Oxycodone tables, after which, Natasha Bowers Williams, Johnny Williams, Kropp and Cornett went into the bedroom and injected the drug.
The case against all four defendants is scheduled to go to trial on Nov. 12 of this year with a court date for motions set for Oct.3.