Man arrested in shooting receives additional charges

By Abby Morris
Star Staff
A Stoney Creek man charged with attempted first degree murder of his father's girlfriend last week has been charged with several other offenses related to the incident.
Jason Lynn Davis, 24, of 2765 Highway 91, has also been charged with aggravated burglary and felony reckless endangerment by Carter County Sheriff's Department Inv. Laverne Julian, who was investigating the case, and resisting arrest by CCSD Deputy Donald White.
Davis was arrested at the scene of the incident Thursday night and charged with the attempted first degree murder of Leslie Hall, 31. He was also served with two outstanding warrants at that time.
According to Carter County Sheriff John Henson, Davis shot Hall with a compound hunting bow and arrow at the residence the two shared with Davis' father, Lynn Davis.
A report by Julian states that shortly before 9 p.m. on Thursday, also Davis' 24th birthday, officers were dispatched to the residence where they found Hall bleeding profusely from several wounds to her lower chest, head and neck area.
Henson stated that trouble between Hall and Davis may have started approximately three months ago when Hall moved into the residence that Davis shared with his father. "The son is jealous of her since she moved in because he feels she's getting more attention than he is," he said. "From what we can find in the investigation so far, that's what it looks like."
Hall and Davis had argued earlier in the day over whom Lynn Davis had given a cellular phone to, Henson said. "He (Davis) said the father had given it to him and she (Hall) said the father had gave it to her and they argued over it," Henson said, adding that Hall, who is originally from Johnson County, took the phone with her and visited family in Shady Valley.
Hall told investigators that she returned to the Stoney Creek residence at approximately 8 p.m., according to Henson, and that nothing appeared to be wrong with Davis at that time. Hall went to her bedroom and was exercising when she heard Davis call to her from the living room.
"A few minutes later she steps into the living room, and Jason is standing there with the bow and an arrow drawn," Henson said. "She asked him what he was doing and that is when he shot her."
The arrow entered Hall's chest, struck her rib cage, and then pierced her liver and spleen.
After being shot, Hall crawled back into her bedroom. Davis then grabbed another arrow, followed her into the bedroom and assaulted her again. "She was stabbed in the head, stabbed in the neck, and I think on the right shoulder," Henson said, adding that Davis was holding Hall down as he stabbed her.
Afterward, Davis left the residence, according to a report by Julian. Hall was then able to lock the door to the residence and call 911 for help. "At this time, (Davis) busted out the glass to the back door trying to gain entry. (Hall) exits the front door and runs across the street to a neighbor's home for help," Julian states in his report. "(Davis) followed (Hall) across the street and attempted to make entry into the neighbor's home, but failed."
While Davis was attempting to gain entry to the neighbor's residence, his father returned home and the two men fought in the neighbor's yard until Davis fled after hearing the sirens of approaching emergency vehicles, according to Henson.
Davis ran to a nearby store and entered a truck parked there and demanded that the driver, who was identified as Jerry Campbell, drive him away from the scene, Henson said.
"Mr. Campbell started driving towards the scene, at which time (Davis) assaulted Mr. Campbell in an attempt to forcibly take his vehicle," Julian states in his report. "When (Campbell) took him back to the scene, he jumped out of the passenger side and ran around to the driver's side and tried to take (Campbell's) truck."
Campbell's truck sustained scratches and dents to the driver's side of the vehicle as Davis attempted to enter it. According to Julian, the damage was estimated at more than $1,000. "I'm going to charge him with vandalism too for the damage he did to the truck," Julian said.
Julian said Davis was charged with aggravated burglary in the incident because he attempted to forcibly enter the neighbor's residence after Hall had fled there for safety. "Actually the door came open once and the neighbor shut it and locked it," Julian said. "He tried to get into the residence several times but his father kept stopping him."
The charge of felony reckless endangerment stems from Davis entering Campbell's truck in an attempt to flee. "I charged him with felony reckless endangerment because, after he jumped in the truck with Mr. Campbell, he was jerking the wheel trying to make him turn around and attempting to gain control of the vehicle," said Julian.
Davis also attempted to flee the scene again by running south on Highway 91, according to a report by CCSD Lt. Harvey Guess. "Members from the Stoney Creek (Volunteer) Fire Department and early responders ran after and tackled him a short distance away," Guess states in his report. "If it weren't for the heroic efforts of Campbell, firemen and first responders, Mr. Jason Davis would have fled the scene."
Hall was transported to the Johnson City Medical Center Thursday night where she underwent surgery. On Saturday, she was initially listed in "critical" condition, but was upgraded to "serious".
According to hospital staff, on Tuesday evening Hall was in "fair" condition.