Part of 776th to return home

By Abby Morris
Star Staff
Some members of the 776th Maintenance Company of the Tennessee Army National Guard will be able to spend this weekend at home with their families without having to worry about driving back to Fort Campbell, Ky.
According to Capt. Larry Northcutt of the 776th Maintenance Company, some members will be demobilized and released to return home this week. "We do have some personnel who will be traveling home on Sept. 6," he said.
Support of the full 776th Maintenance Company is no longer needed at Fort Campell, according to Northcutt. "The reason we are sending some personnel home is the demobilization mission is slower than the mobilization mission and we do not need as many people here," he said.
Two members of the company had previously returned home after being released from the base. "Two full-time students were allowed to return home to begin the fall semester of classes" Northcutt said.
Members returning home this weekend will receive a reception quieter than the parade preceding their departure.
According to Bradley Moffitt, finance director for the city of Elizabethton, who is also a veteran, the city is planning a homecoming celebration for the returning members of the company. "Everything is not finalized at this time," he said.
Moffitt stated that Elizabethton City Council is drawing up a resolution thanking members of the military unit for service to their country. The council plans to invite returning members to the council meeting to hear the resolution read.
"Because they are coming home in small increments and they will be in their personal vehicles, it would be difficult to give them the kind of homecoming we want to give them," Moffitt said. "When they bring their trucks back hopefully then we will be able to have a parade for them."
Northcutt stated that he did not wish to speculate on when the rest of the 776th would return home.
In August, confidential sources reported that approximately 40 soldiers would return home in September, while the rest of the company would return in December, with the exception of some troops scheduled to stay at Fort Campbell to help with post support and unit demobilization.