EES to provide initial capital for war memorial power

By Megan R. Harrell
Star Staff

At its monthly meeting Tuesday, the Elizabethton Electric System (EES) voted to provide lighting for the new veteran's war memorial under construction on East Elk Ave. The decision was made in response to an official request from the city to provide lighting through the city's street lighting program.
   EES will pay the initial $20,000 start-up fee for electricity, and expenses will be spread out over several years through the street lighting program. "We are just trying to help off-set the initial costs by letting the war memorial committee spread the costs out over a long period of time," said EES General Manager, Phil Isaacs.
   Isaacs told board members the up-front cost for the lighting project at the war memorial will be considered as a capital expenditure. The $20,000 will fall under the umbrella of routine work orders. All street lighting projects in the City of Elizabethton fall under the same routine work order classification.
   Isaacs stated the board will not have to re-vamp its newly adopted budget. "It will come under our capital budget, and I feel like we have the funds available to cover this expenditure, so I do not think that we will need to amend our budget because it already covers these costs," Isaacs said. "If there is any additional funding that is necessary, I will notify the board."
   Members of the board voiced their approval of EES involvement in the war memorial project and welcomed the opportunity to be part of it. "It is a worthwhile project," Isaacs said. "I am glad we are able to participate in it and help out."
   In other business, the board voted Howard Matherly as EES representative on the Economic Development Board. Matherly has four years of experience on the EES board. "We will be well represented on the Economic Development Board," Isaacs said.
The board also reviewed monthly revenue reports during Tuesday's meeting. The reports showed the system 4.64 percent higher in revenues this year than it was one year ago and indicated that maintenance costs are significantly lower this year. Isaacs attributed lower maintenance costs to mild weather which reduced the amount of line repairs.
   Issacs told board members EES has submitted annual reports to the Tennessee Valley Authority. He also stated that results from this year's audit will be available for review at next month's board meeting.