Council expected to vote on pollutant discharge ordinance

By Thomas Wilson

   The Elizabethton City Council will consider approving an amendment city ordinance that changes limitations and protection criteria for pollutants discharged into the city's waste water system.
   Second reading and public hearing of the sewer use ordinance is scheduled to be on the council's agenda Thursday night.
   The ordinance amendment sets new limitations on effluent pollutants discharged into the waste water treatment system that adhere to state and federal pollutant requirements.
   Individuals or businesses are prohibited from discharging waste water that exceeds pre-treatment limitations for restricted pollutant discharges, according to the ordinance.
   Effluent limits are set for pollutants including chemicals of oil and grease, ammonia, arsenic and various pesticides as well as metals such as aluminum, lead, mercury, nickel, selenium and silver.
   The table sets maximum daily average limits and instantaneous release levels for each pollutant. Release limits are based on milligrams per liter of waste water released.
   Individual limitations in an industry's pollutant discharge permit may require lower discharge levels than set by the amended ordinance.
   The ordinance amendment to protection criteria requires industrial customers attached to the waste water system to report and monitor influent pollutant levels.
   Basic service charges for waste water service are to be determined upon the metered flow of waste water and fees established by the city, according to the ordinance.
   A multimillion dollar expansion of the city's waste water treatment plant has improved the facility's operation.
   The ordinance passed by 7-0 on first reading at the council's August meeting.
   The council will also consider approving an amendment to the 2002/2003 city budget. Elizabethton Police Department has received an $11,087 Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG) that requires $1,232 in matching funds from the city.
   In other business, the council will also consider approval of a contract for the design and construction of casement pipes to house water lines and appurtenances beneath the Northern Connector Highway project.
   Engineering design and construction of the pipes would be done by the Mattern & Craig engineering firm. The firm submitted a bid of $14,240 to complete the project.
   In a letter to the city, the firm said it expected to complete the services within two months after receiving the city's acceptance of the proposal.