Speed bumps proposal up for new city streets

By Thomas Wilson
star staff

  Speed bumps may be installed on two more city streets after neighborhoods filed petitions with Elizabethton city government requesting the devices.
  The Elizabethton Regional Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at tonight's regular monthly meeting to discuss installation of speed bumps along two city streets.
  Described as "traffic calming devices", the more commonly known speed bumps would be installed on Race Street from Sycamore Street to Lynn Avenue and on Arney Street from Stateline Road to Oak Street.
  City Director of Planning and Development, David Ornduff, said his office had received petitions from residents requesting the speed bumps be installed to slow traffic movement along the streets. He said the devices would be installed based on standards set forth by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.
   "They are usually spread far enough apart to give people time to slow down," Ornduff said of the speed bumps.
  Race Street extends roughly three-quarters of one mile from North Sycamore Street to Lynn Avenue. A portion of the Linear Path recreation trail was recently completed along the street increasing pedestrian traffic from the surrounding residential area.
  Speed bumps installed on West Mill Street two years ago elicited relief from most Blackbottom neighborhood residents and anger from some motorists who used the street as an alternate route from Broad Street.
  Ornduff said the new devices would resemble the flatter, broader speed bump already created on Race Street near a pedestrian crosswalk on the Linear Path.
  In other business, the commission is also expected to consider site plan approval for expansion of the Food City supermarket on Broad Street. K-VA-T Food Stores announced plans to expand the market into a superstore earlier this year.