Police investigating alleged illegal vote at Unaka precinct

By Thomas Wilson
star staff

  Carter County Sheriff's Department detectives are investigating a report of voting fraud during the county general election held Aug. 5 according to a police report.
  Sheriff's department investigators received a complaint from District Attorney General Joe Crumley on Aug. 20 regarding a county resident voting illegally during the state primary and county election. The subject's name was not reported by police.
  Carter County Administrator of Elections Tracy Harris said Tuesday she notified District Attorney General Joe Crumley earlier this month about the alleged illegal voting incident.
  Harris said a polling registrar working at the Unaka voting precinct on Aug. 5 found that a male subject voted at the Unaka site and had voted previously in late July during the early voting period.
  "The polling registrar did not catch it until later in the day," she said.
  Harris said polling registrars are provided with the status report of a district's registered voters on the day of an election. If a citizen has cast his or her ballot in early voting, the report notifies poll workers who prohibit such citizens from casting another vote.
  Illegal voting is a Class E felony punishable with up to one to six years in prison and a $3,000 fine. The CCSD investigator reporting the offense was not immediately available for comment about the case on Tuesday.