Jailer subject of inquiry

  By Abby Morris
  star staff
  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation confirmed Wednesday that an employee at the Carter County Jail is under investigation.
  "We're still working on it," said Bob Denney, who serves the TBI as the Special Agent In Charge for the Upper East Tennessee Region. "It is still an active investigation at this time."
  According to Denney, the TBI did not initiate the investigation. "We were asked by the Sheriff and the D.A. (District Attorney Joe Crumley) to investigate the allegations," he said, adding that though he cannot comment on the specifics of the allegations he could state that they are "allegations of misconduct by a jail employee." Denney said the jail is not part of the investigation.
  Denney said he is not sure when the investigation will be completed. "Probably in the next couple of weeks we will be submitting the report to the D.A.," he said.
  Carter County Sheriff John Henson, who is over operations at the jail, told the STAR on Tuesday that he could not comment on the situation.
  "The investigation is ongoing at this time," Henson said. "There's a lot I can't say at this time but once it's all said and done the findings will be made public, whatever the findings are."
  The investigation has been going on for approximately one month, according to Henson, and one jailer has turned in his resignation since the investigation began. "I did have a jailer to come in and resign. As to whether this was a result of the investigation I can't speculate," Henson said. "The jailer that came in and resigned, he put on his resignation it was for 'personal reasons.'"
  According to Henson, the TBI has asked him not to comment on the situation. "They (the TBI) told me absolutely to say nothing," he said. "They told me not to say anything until I was advised to do so.
  "As soon as the investigation is complete, myself, the TBI and District Attorney (Joe) Crumley will be making a full report."