Couple sues ECS over fence mishap

  By Thomas Wilson
  star staff
  A Johnson City couple has sued the Elizabethton Board of Education and the city government for damages exceeding $1.2 million after an accident at a high school track event in March.
  Filed in Carter County Circuit Court on Tuesday, the lawsuit names Diane and Allen Greene of Johnson City as plaintiffs against defendants the Elizabethton BOE and city of Elizabethton.
  The lawsuit states that Diane Greene was watching her son compete in a track meet held at Elizabethton High School on West E Street. Greene was standing near a fence that encircles the track. When she turned to walk away from the fence, the lawsuit reads that damaged wires of the fence caught Greene's foot and caused her to fall on her right hip.
  Greene suffered a severe hip injury that resulted in her having surgery for a total right hip replacement, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit states Greene suffered damages of medical expenses, permanent impairment, loss of earning capacity, lost wages, and disfigurement and scarring.
  The lawsuit states the defendants owned the buildings, fields and fencing surrounding the track. The plaintiffs' complaint states that the defendants allowed the fence to become in such disrepair that it constituted a dangerous condition.
  The complaint also alleges negligence by the defendants for failure to maintain the public school in a safe condition, failure to inspect the school, and failure to exercise duty and care. The lawsuit states the defendants knew of the fence condition long enough to have corrected it or give a warning to school patrons.
  The complaint states Allen Greene incurred damages for loss of consortium and companionship of his wife as well as medical expenses required in the treatment of his wife.
  Diane Greene has incurred medical bills of $33,072 through the date of the lawsuit's filing.
  She is seeking maximum compensatory damages of $900,000 from the defendants. Her husband seeks maximum damages of $300,000 according to the lawsuit.
  Attorney Tony Seaton of Johnson City filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Greene family. Elizabethton City Manager Charles Stahl said Tuesday afternoon he had not been served with the complaint. The lawsuit incorrectly identifies the Elizabethton's city manager as Ray Stahl.