THP trooper injured in crash

  By Abby Morris
  star staff
  A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper was injured Monday morning in a traffic accident when his patrol cruiser was struck by a tractor-trailer vehicle attempting to negotiate a curve.
  THP Trooper Mark Musick was transported to Sycamore Shoals Hospital by members of the Carter County Rescue Squad for treatment of a leg injury he sustained in the accident which occurred on Minton Hollow Road. Further information on his condition was unavailable Monday evening.
  According to THP Sgt. Paul Mooneyham, Musick had been traveling east on Minton Hollow near the intersection of that road with U.S. Highway 91 at the time of the accident at approximately 8:30 a.m.
  The tractor-trailer was driven by Lessley Haynes Barr, II, 32, of Mt. Carmel, who was trying to negotiate a curve at the time of the crash. "He was traveling westbound and entered a blind curve, partially on the wrong side of the roadway," Mooneyham said, adding that the rear tandem of the trailer had struck the front driver's side area of Musick's cruiser. "There is a very blind curve and it is an unfortunate situation."
  The curve which Mooneyham described as a "blind curve" is also on a stretch of roadway which has a somewhat steep incline.
  "As I started around the curve, I was trying to stay over and I thought I was over farther than I actually was," said Barr. "I had my foot on the clutch and was in the process of shifting down when I saw the car. I looked in the mirror to check the tandems on the trailer and at the same time I slammed on the brakes trying to stop because at that point it was obvious we were going to collide."
  Mooneyham issued Barr a citation charging him with driving left of center but said that this is the type of accident that could happen to anyone based on the road conditions.
  Kim Shepard, who resides in a house near the curve where the accident happened, said the road is dangerous in that location and that there have been many close calls between vehicles. "This road is a hazard. Someone is going to get killed. It terrifies me," she said. "Something needs to be done about this curve and this road. I'm so afraid it's going to be someone I know because I live right here."