Johnson City man charged with disorderly conduct

From Staff Reports

  An Johnson City man was charged with disorderly conduct late Saturday night after the Sheriff's Department responded to a call of a shot fired at 200 Spring Drive.
  Upon arrival a Carter County deputy made contact with the subjects spouse, Debra Miller and their son Jerry Miller,16. The son advised that he and his mother had arrived home to find Miller heavily intoxicated and agitated. He reportedly began arguing with the family and at some point brandished a handgun.
  According the Carter County police report the son exited the scene at this point in fear of his safety. Deputy Writer attempted to make verbal contact with the subject with her vechile's loud speaker.
  Miller answered by slamming the front door and locking it. More officers arrived to secure a position at the rear entrance of the residence.
  Miller called out vulgarities and threatening statements to officers. According to reports Miller said, "You better get a warrant; Come and get some if you're so brave."
  Family members were allowed to speak to Miller a little over an our later and walked out of the home unarmed.