Polls open for primary

By Lesley Hughes
star staff

  All across the state, voters will head to polls to cast a vote in the statewide primary and county general elections. Polling locations are set up across Carter County ready for the button pushing to begin.
  Early voting took place in July with 2,213 citizens casting a vote, making up approximately eight percent of the 30,154 registered voters, according to Tracy Harris, administrator of elections, "That is more than double the amount that voted in the 2000 August primary." Just over 800 citizens cast primary ballots in the August 2000 primary.
  Polls will be open countywide from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  Political campaigning is seen on the majority of Elizabethton and Carter County street corners and yards for the House of Representatives seat. Incumbent Jerome Cochran is challenged by John B. Holsclaw to become the 4th district representative in the statehouse.
  The Carter County general election includes the Assessor of Property race between Republican nominee and current assessor Gerald Holly and the only write-in candidate to qualify, George Fortner.
  Four different school board districts will have the chance to vote for school board members. The 1st educational district is the only district with two candidates running against each other, Dale Colbaugh and Wayne Pierce.
  An Elizabethton City Councilman and two city of Watauga commissioners will be decided upon.
  Voters should refer to their voter registration card for their districts' polling locations.
  First District locations are Hunter Elementary School, 145 Hope St., for the Hunter precinct; the Buladeen Club House, U.S. Hwy. 91, for the Midway precinct; Unaka Elementary School, 1635 U.S. Hwy. 91, for the Unaka precinct.
  Second District voters in the Roan Mountain precinct will vote at Cloudland Elementary School, 8540 U.S. Hwy. 19E, Roan Mountain and at Hampton High School, 766 First St., Hampton, for the Tiger Valley precinct.
  Voters in the 3rd District, Central precinct, can vote at Central Elementary School, 252 Taylortown Rd.; in the Keenburg precinct at Keenburg Elementary School, 139 Keenburg Rd.; at Range Elementary School, 655 Watauga Rd., Watauga, for the Range precinct. Watauga precinct voters can vote at Watauga City Hall.
  Fourth District residents vote at the main courthouse in the courthouse precinct. Eastside precinct voters cast their vote at Eastside Elementary School, 800 Siam Rd., and Siam precinct voters should go to Siam School, 2453 Siam Rd.
  Fifth District location is at Happy Valley Elementary School, 1840 Milligan Hwy.
  Sixth District voters should go to Elk Mills Volunteer Fire Department, 107 Poga Rd., Butler; Little Milligan Elementary School, 4226 Hwy. 321, Butler; Hampton Elementary School, 408 Hwy. 321, Hampton, and Valley Forge Elementary School, Riverview Drive, for their precinct locations.
  Seventh District residents should go to Happy Valley High School, 121 Warpath Lane, for the Gap Creek precinct and at Westside Elementary School, 1300 Burgie St., for the Westside precinct.
  Eighth District precincts are located at Harold McCormick Elementary School, S. Cedar St. for the Harold McCormick precinct, and at T. A. Dugger Jr. High School, 305 West E Street for the high school precinct.