Smith seeking GOP nod for 1st District congressional seat

  David Smith, Kingsport, is running for the Republican nomination to 1st Congressional District of the U.S. House of Representatives on the Aug. 5 ballot.
  In his campaign announcement, Smith says the country is struggling but he believes the trend can be reversed and that America's greatest and most prosperous days lie ahead.
  "The key to reversing this trend is a return to the values that have made America great," Smith says. "Since its beginning, America's strength was based in the principles of the family, work, responsibility, honesty and frugality. Our representatives in Washington must lead out in both example and legislative acts to re-embrace the values that gave birth to our great nation."
  Smith says as that as your representative, he will provide strong leadership for change that will ensure these values are preserved and that our children's future is bright.
  In his campaign announcement, Smith says the nation must:
  --Return to a recognition of God knowing that He is the foundation of our freedom and the source of our abundance and blessings
  --Protect the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman acknowledging that strong, united families make a strong nation
  --Stop the encroachments restricting responsible citizens in their rights to own and bear arms
  --Eliminate the awful act of abortion to protect the unborn citizens and future of America
  --Implement sound fiscal policy through reductions in government size and spending
  --Reduce government regulations and taxes that are inhibiting American companies in their abilities to compete internationally
  --Return control of our schools to local governments and educators allowing those closest to the children to implement the programs they deem most suitable
  --Boost the economy by returning to Americans more of their hard-earned money through personal income tax reductions
  --Elect representatives with a sincere desire to actively improve our country, reaching out in service and devotion to their constituents.
  Smith says if selected as the Republican nominee and elected as U.S. representative, he will anxiously endeavor to promote these values.
  A native of Salt Lake City, Smith is a financial analyst for the Eastman Company. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah and an MBA in finance from Northwestern University in Chicago.
  He and his wife, Jenelle, have three sons, Joshua, Tate and Porter.