Man charged with attempted murder after shooting father's girlfriend with hunting bow

Jason Davis
By Abby Morris
Star Staff
A Stoney Creek man was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder Thursday night following an altercation where he shot his father's 31-year-old girlfriend with a compound hunting bow and arrow.
Other charges in the incident are pending against Jason Lynn Davis, 24, 2765 Highway 91, according to Carter County Sheriff John Henson. Henson stated that Davis lived at the residence in Stoney Creek with his father, Lynn Davis, and his father's girlfriend, Leslie Hall, the victim. "Lynn Davis, about three months ago, moved his girlfriend into the residence he shared with his son Jason Davis," Henson said.
Henson said that it may have been Hall moving into the residence with Davis and his father that eventually triggered the altercation which led to Davis attempting to kill Hall. "The son is jealous of her since she moved in because he feels she's getting more attention than he is," he said. "From what we can find in the investigation so far, that's what it looks like."
According to Henson, Hall and Davis had argued earlier in the day on Thursday about the ownership of a cellular telephone. "He (Davis) said the father had given it to him and she (Hall) said the father had gave it to her and they argued over it," Henson said, adding that Hall, who is originally from Johnson County, ended up taking the phone with her and visiting family in Shady Valley.
Hall stated to investigators that she had returned to the Stoney Creek residence at approximately 8 p.m., according to Henson, and that nothing appeared to be wrong with Davis at that time. Hall then reported to officers that she went into her bedroom and was exercising when she heard Davis call to her from the living room asking her to come in there.
"A few minutes later she steps into the living room and Jason is standing there with the bow and an arrow drawn," Henson said. "She asked him what he was doing and that is when he shot her."
The arrow, which was a broadhead arrow, entered Hall's chest and struck her rib cage. When the arrow struck her ribs, the arrow broke and then proceeded to pierce her liver and damage her spleen.
After being shot with the arrow, Hall was able to crawl back into her bedroom. Davis then grabbed another arrow and followed her into the bedroom and assaulted her again. "She was stabbed in the head, stabbed in the neck and I think on the right shoulder," Henson said, adding that Davis was holding Hall down as he stabbed her.
By some miracle, Henson said, Hall was able to fight Davis off and flee the residence. "She made it across the street to a neighbor's house with Jason chasing after her," Henson said. "The neighbors held him off and called 911."
While the neighbors were trying to prevent Davis from entering their residence and assaulting Hall again, his father Lynn Davis arrived home and a scuffle ensued between the father and son. "He was trying to take his father's truck keys," Henson said. Davis fled the scene when he heard the sirens of approaching emergency vehicles, Henson said.
"In the meantime, a neighbor was sitting in his pickup truck at a store about a mile down the road from where this happened," Henson said. "Davis jumped in the passenger side of the truck and told the driver to get him out of there."
The driver, whom Henson identified as Jerry Campbell, turned his truck onto the road and started driving Davis back to the scene of the incident. "The man drove him up the road back towards the scene because he knew something was going on up there," Henson said. "Davis argued with the man and told him 'I don't want to go that way, I want to go the other way.'"
According to Henson, Davis then tried to gain control of Campbell's vehicle and the two men fought in the vehicle until Campbell drove it to where law enforcement officers were located. Campbell's vehicle sustained some damage due to the fact that the two men were fighting over control of the truck.
Once Campbell drove Davis back to the scene, the two scuffled again as Davis tried to take the truck's keys away from Campbell. Davis was then subdued by law enforcement officers and taken into custody on outstanding warrants charging him with violation of probation and failure to appear in court on a charge of assault. He was later charged with attempted first degree murder after investigators were able to talk to Hall.
Henson said Davis was charged with attempted first degree murder because there was evidence that led investigators to believe that his assault on Hall was premeditated. "The premeditated part comes from when he called her into the living room and he was standing there with the bow and arrow to shoot her. It comes from when he followed her into the bedroom with another arrow saying 'I'm going to kill you. You're going to die tonight,'" Henson said. "He intended to kill her. That's what you call premeditated murder."
Davis had been consuming alcohol on the evening of the attack, but Henson stated he did not believe that was a factor in the incident. "He had an odor of alcohol about him, but in my opinion he was not intoxicated. He was in a wild state of mind but anyone who had done something like this would be," Henson said. "He knew what he was doing in my opinion. There is no doubt that he knew what he was doing because when he heard the sirens he tried to get away."
Hall was flown by Wings Air Rescue to the Johnson City Medical Center Thursday night where she underwent surgery for her injuries. She was listed in critical condition Friday but on Saturday her condition was upgraded from critical to serious.
"She's really lucky to be alive being shot with a broadhead arrow in the chest," Henson said. "It's a miracle she was able to get away from the scene."
Davis is scheduled to be arraigned in court sometime this week, according to Henson.