Roan Mountain man dies in morning accident

By Kathy Helms-Hughes
and Abby Morris

Star Staff;

A 38-year-old Roan Mountain man died Monday morning in an accident as he and his brother were unloading a piece of paving equipment from the back of a flat trailer.
   Joe Pendley, of 108 Crabtree Road, died at the scene of the accident, which occurred on Walt Arnett Road in Roan Mountain, after he sustained severe head and chest injuries, according to Carter County Sheriff John Henson.
   Pendley and his brother, both of whom owned Pendley Paving Company, had been hauling a road grader on a trailer to have it repaired, according to Carter County Sheriff's Department Lt. Mike Fraley. "They were unloading the road grader off of a flat trailer. They decided to unload it there (on Walt Arnett Road). They had it on a low-boy, and they were going to back it off the low-boy and apparently the brakes failed, and he rolled back over about a 30-foot embankment, and, when it overturned, it threw him off and then turned over on him," Henson said.
   According to Fraley, the brother of the victim said they were taking the grader to have the brake system repaired.
   "My sympathy goes out to the family of this accident," Henson said. "It's always bad when you've got a man with a family, and out here trying to make a living. He's got a wife and three kids. Two of the kids are in school and one is just a baby."