Drop-off boxes at Animal Shelter closed

Due to unexpected circumstances, the Elizabethton Animal Shelter's drop-off boxes are closed until further notice. Terry Henson, Health Educator for the Carter County Health Department, said the public's cooperation is being asked by not dropping off animals outside the shelter gate. "Instead, we are asking those who have animals to drop off, to bring them by the shelter during the shelter's operating hours of 1 to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
   "The shelter would like information about the animal (if known), such as general age, name, whether they have ever been sick or injured, and if they are good with children or other animals. This information cannot be obtained if the animal is just dropped off," Henson said.
   She said that basic information assisted animal shelter personnel in having the best chance to place the animals in good homes.
   "We are asking the public's help in this matter. Please do not leave your animals outside the gates when the shelter is closed," Henson pleaded.
   Persons having questions are asked to call 547-6359 or 543-2521.