Hambrick says good-bye after 33 years

By Thomas Wilson
Teresa Hambrick knows the business of government.
After 33 years with the City of Elizabethton, Hambrick is retiring as deputy city clerk.
"The most difficult part of retirement will be not seeing the people I work with on a daily basis," says Hambrick, whose last day is Aug. 29.
Hambrick has worked with six city finance directors, five city managers, three city attorneys and an untold number of mayors and city council members. She has tallied "ayes" and "no" votes on dozens of resolutions. She served as full-time city clerk for two years before the position became coincided with the director of finance. She is also quick to credit her religious faith with her success in the job.
"Prayer has been the major tool to assist me with difficult projects and allow me to do a good job," she says. "I thank God each day for providing this job to supply the needs of my family and educate our children."
The city clerk's office serves as custodian of the Elizabethton, City Charter, Municipal Code, ordinances heard by City Council and other city records. Hambrick prepares council agendas and meeting minutes and related documents for the City Council and Beverage Board. She spends hours scrutinizing ordinances and resolutions to ensure accuracy before running them by the city attorney.
"Walter Curtis was the city attorney when I first came here and he was a wonderful mentor," she said.
A self-confessed perfectionist when it comes to organization, Hambrick says her greatest feeling is churning out the best possible documents that function as the paperwork backbone of city business.
"I love getting a document that looks good and is correct," she says. "It is a whole lot easier to do it right the first time."
Hambrick's experience has given her considerable expertise in municipal government operation. She is a member of the International Institute of Municipal City Clerks (IIMC) and Tennessee Association of Municipal Clerks and Recorders. Hambrick received her IIMC Certified Municipal Clerk designation on Feb. 28, 1997. She picked up her State of Tennessee Certified Municipal Clerk designation March 26, 1997.
The Elizabethton City Council will honor Hambrick Thursday night with a resolution commemorating her service to the city. Jennifer Jones has been selected to become the new deputy city clerk.
The first thing on Hambrick's post-retirement agenda is restarting the library at her church that was damaged by heavy flooding. After that, she says relaxing or tackling home improvement projects top the list.
She and her husband, R.L. Hambrick, will soon be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. With her husband retired, Hambrick says she plans to join him in missionary trips.
The couple have two sons, one grandson, Seth, and three granddaughters, Paige, Chloe and Lane Hambrick. Beyond all else, Hambrick says she wants to remain active in the outdoors hobbies, reading and keeping up with her grandchildren.
"I have a great family and look forward to spending more quality time with them," she says. "I want to stay active and make the most out of the rest of my life."