County schools set to begin new year

By Lesley Jenkins
Star Staff
It is about that time of year again when #2 pencils are in high demand and those big yellow school buses start flashing their lights and flinging out the stop signs. Carter County Schools will begin bright and early on Wednesday morning. Students will file off the buses and head to register for classes and open their minds to pack knowledge into their minds after the summer break.
The 2003-2004 school year is set to begin with a half day of registration on Wednesday and the first full day of classes on Friday. Lunch will be served on Friday, which will include an additional 25 cents addition to the lunch fee. Lunch in the county elementary schools will cost $1.50 and lunch in the high schools will cost $1.75. Prices for breakfast and reduced prices will remain the same.
Registration is required for all students. If the student is not pre-registered, he/she will fill out enrollment forms, be assigned to teacher/grade level, have immunizations verified and receive a student handbook.
Carter County Director of Schools Dallas Williams said, "We're excited about the upcoming year. The year presents new challenges. The teachers have received salary increases from the Teacher's Equity Pay Plan. The morale is high. We look forward to a year where we can work together to meet the challenges before us."
Teachers still have Thursday as a final inservice day before the first full day of classes to prepare for the approximately 6,000 students.
Williams said after the 20th day of classes, he will know the accurate enrollment number of students and teachers in the school system for the 2003-2004 year.
Anticipating the new faces in the classrooms, the teachers have been hard at work preparing classrooms and lesson plans. Maintenance workers have been cleaning and getting ready by making the schools a clean and safe environment.
"I am excited about getting school started and looking forward to seeing new faces," said Williams.
Elizabethton City Schools first half day of school will be Aug. 20, with only breakfast being served, and the first full length day on Aug. 21, with breakfast and lunch available.
* August 2003
Aug. 11-12 -- Teacher Inservice**
Aug. 13 -- First Day of School (1/2 day)
Aug. 14 -- Teacher Inservice**
* September 2003
Sept. 1-- Labor Day**
* October 2003
Oct. 24 -- Teacher Inservice**
Oct. 27 -- Teacher Inservice (optional)**
* November 2003
Nov. 26-28 -- Thanksgiving Break**
* December 2003
Dec. 22-31 -- Christmas/New Year's Break**
* January 2004
Jan. 1-2 -- Christmas/New Year's Break**
Jan. 19 -- Holiday**
* March 2004
March 29-31 -- TCAP tests
* April 2004
April 1-2 -- TCAP tests
April 8-12 -- Holiday**
* May 2004
May 19 -- Teacher Inservice**
May 20 -- Last Day of School