County election certified, city candidates filing deadline ends today

By Thomas Wilson


   County citizens spoke two weeks ago.
   Elizabethton citizens will speak just under two months from now when they elect four members to the Elizabethton City Council in the November city election.
   Election results from the Aug. 1 county election were made official through certification by the Carter County Election Commission on Monday.
   Deputy Administrator Laura Holtsclaw said certification did not change any pre-certification results in the county general election or state primary results.
   Incumbent city council members Janie McKinney, Diane Morris and Sam Shipley filed candidacy papers with the Carter County Election Commission on Monday.
   Fellow incumbent councilman Pat "Red" Bowers, newcomers John W. Hughes, Robert A. Smalling and William "Don" Pectol, and former city finance director Sidney Cox have all picked up candidacy papers but had not submitted them to the commission as of Wednesday.
   The candidacy filing deadline is today at noon. City residents have until Oct. 4 to register for the November election.
   The county results remained unchanged from totals released on Aug. 2.
   Dale Fair won the county executive seat, incumbent Johnny Holder won the Register of Deeds race and incumbent Sheriff John Henson won his third term in office.
   Jerome Cochran won the Republican nomination for the Fourth District House seat representing Carter County in the state primary. He will run unopposed in November.
   New county commissioners-elect include: Doug Buckles, Jack Buckles and Lawrence Hodge of the 1st District; Amos Stevens and Al Meehan of the 2nd District; Jim Whaley of the 3rd District; Tom "Yogi" Bowers of the 4th District; John G. Lewis and John D. Snyder of the 6th District; Richard Tester of the 7th District; and Robert L. Davis of the 8th District.
   County Trustee Randal Lewis, County Clerk Mary Gouge and Highway Superintendent Jack Perkins, who ran unopposed in the election, were announced as official winners each receiving more than 10,000 complimentary votes.
   The commission sends a copy of the certified election results to the state coordinator of elections, the governor's office, and the state Republican Party and Democratic Party in Nashville.