Winters wins, three unopposed candidates take school board seats

By Thomas Wilson


   Incumbent Carter County School Board member Richard Winters beat candidate Richard Peters for the 2nd District school board seat, according to unofficial county election results.
   Winters received 875 votes to 596 votes tallied by Johnson. Winters won the highest number of votes in early and absentee voting as well as both 2nd District precincts of Roan Mountain and Tiger Valley.
   Three candidates ran unopposed in three school board districts.
   Incumbent school board members Jack Pearman won the 3rd District seat as an unopposed candidate. He received 1,236 complimentary votes.
   Fellow incumbent Ted H. Maxwell won the 5th District school board seat, also running unopposed. Maxwell netted 851 complimentary votes.
   Newcomer Chuck Madgett won the 7th District seat picking up 1,157 complimentary votes as an unopposed candidate.
   Previously, school board members had been divided into four school districts.
   The population redistricting measures implemented from the 2000 U.S. Census created eight districts that matched the school board to the county commission's district makeup.
   The school board members are elected on staggered terms with the 1st, 4th, 6th and 8th District elections to be held in 2004.