Committee begins review of finance director candidates

By Thomas Wilson

   A handful of candidates will soon be vying to take over the financial management of Carter County government.
   The county's Financial Management Committee began reviewing resumes submitted for the financial director's position on Tuesday.
   The committee has received 12 resumes from candidates from around the Tri-Cities and out-of-state, according to committee Chairwoman JoAnn Blankenship.
   The committee voted to approve the director's job description and duties. He or she will be responsible for implementing the County Financial Management System, passed as a law by the General Assembly in 1981.
   "We decided to go loose on the job description and tight on the policies and procedures," said Blankenship.
   The committee had accepted resumes for the financial director's position through July 31.
   Committee members voted to pare down candidates to five finalists for the position and conduct interviews for the finance director's job on Aug. 12.
   The committee set a minimum salary for the position at $30,000, and made the figure negotiable depending on a candidate's qualifications and experience.
   Under the job description, the finance director answers to the Financial Management Committee. The director will oversee the finance department's operation administering all funds handled by the county trustee.
   Compensation of the director is established by the committee, subject to the approval of the county commission, according to state law.
   The committee has projected hiring a financial director by late August.
   The finance director will also coordinate finances for the county's 12 elected or appointed department heads, the county board of education and county commission.
   He or she is required to have a bachelor of science degree with at least 18 hours credit in accounting, according to the board's adopted qualifications.
   Two years of business accounting experience and/or government accounting experience is preferred for the position under the job requirements approved by the board.
   State law permits the committee may select a person not having a B.S. degree in accounting or having a sufficient number of hours in accounting. That is, provided that such person has at least two years of acceptable experience in a related position or an equivalent number of other related courses.
   When a financial director is ultimately hired, he or she must work with the committee to begin implementing the county's financial management system on July 1, 2003 and have the system operational by August 1, 2004.