Woman arrested after trying to use son's insurance card for friend   

By Abby Morris
star staff

  A Johnson City woman was arrested Wednesday morning at Sycamore Shoals Hospital after she attempted to use her son's TennCare health insurance card to help her adult male friend get medical attention.
  Sonya Boettcher, 38, 901 E. Main St., Johnson City, was charged with criminal conspiracy and identity theft in the incident.
  Shortly before 1 a.m., officers of the Elizabethton Police Department were dispatched to Sycamore Shoals Hospital on a call concerning the fraudulent use of an insurance card. "Upon arrival officers spoke with the attending nurse, James Hughes, who stated that a male subject had been admitted earlier through the ER (Emergency Room) with an ailment to his leg and had used someone else's TennCare card," a report from the Elizabethton Police Department said.
  Hughes told officers that Boettcher and a man had entered the ER to seek medical attention for the man, and, when asked for identification, Boettcher had presented ER staff members with a TennCare card issued to a Christian N. Boettcher, Jr.
  "The male identified himself as Christian Boettcher and was seen by the doctor," the EPD report said. "However, a short time later the ER received a call from a male subject in Maryland who stated that his estranged wife was using their son's TennCare card in the ER to obtain medical services for her new boyfriend.
  "Nurse Hughes became suspicious and checked the female's TennCare card and it showed the patient's age to be only 12 years of age, but the patient was observed to be well into his thirties."
  Hughes then questioned Sonya Boettcher and the male about the discrepancies, according to the EPD report, and both admitted they had used the card to get medical care for the male subject, who was then identified as Bobby Casey due to the fact that he did not have insurance.
  At that time, Hughes contacted the 911 Communications Center who dispatched police officers to the hospital.
  "Officers entered the room of Bobby Casey and observed a female subject sitting in a chair. When officers entered the room, Nurse Hughes told Ms. Boettcher that he had called the police and Ms. Boettcher stated that she was responsible for Mr. Casey using her son's card and that she let him use it and she was taking responsibility," states the EPD report. "Ms Boettcher then stated that she would pay for the medical treatment because she knew that what she had done was wrong, but that her friend needed help and he didn't have any insurance."
  At that time, officers read Boettcher her Miranda Rights and she waived her right to counsel, according to the report, and provided officers with a written statement of the incident.
  "Officers also read Mr. Bobby Casey his Miranda Rights and he waived his right to counsel, too," states the EPD report. "Mr. Casey stated that he did not know Ms. Boettcher had used her son's card to obtain his medical treatment. He stated that he had no idea she had done this. However, Mr. Casey was present at the admitting desk when asked for identification by the admit clerk and Mr. Casey was wearing a hospital I.D. bracelet with the son's name on it, Christian Boettcher.
  "Also Mr. Casey stated to Nurse Hughes that he and Ms. Boettcher had used her son's card because Mr. Casey did not have insurance and he needed treatment. Nurse Hughes informed Mr. Casey that the hospital would have treated him without insurance and Mr. Casey told Nurse Hughes that he did not know that."
  Hughes then told officers that Casey was in need of medical attention and that he would probably be hospitalized for several days due to the infection in his leg.
  At that time, officers took Boettcher into custody and charged her with criminal conspiracy and identity theft. She is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Aug. 2. According to the report, charges against Casey are pending at this time.