Jacob Street set to enter first grade at Hampton Elementary School   

By Greg Miller
star staff

  Jacob Street celebrated his seventh birthday in June.
  Jacob, the son of Joe and Kristi Street, graduated from kindergarten at Hampton Elementary School in May. Following his summer break, Jacob will enter the first grade.
  To Jacob's mom, all these events are miracles.
  Jacob, who was born with Chromosome 18P-, a chromosome abnormality, is functioning at the first-grade level, Kristi said. "His academic development has surprised us. In order to graduate from kindergarten, he had to meet certain criteria academically...to recognize certain words, his colors, shapes and word sounds. Through that, the teacher has recommended him to move on to first grade."
  Jacob, who has twin brothers, Landen and Weston, is still undergoing growth hormone therapy. "They have also started treating his thyroid," Kristi said. "He has a low thyroid level."
  In addition to helping Jacob's physical development, the growth hormone therapy is providing a boost to his mental development, according to Kristi. "It's made a huge difference," she said.
  Kristi credits several people for their work with Jacob, including Becky Raulston, Jacob's kindergarten teacher; Lori Shields, his speech teacher; Laura Jarrett, his special education instructor; and Juanita Miller, his personal assistant. "I think that without the teachers that he did have and without the assistants, he wouldn't have progressed as well as he has," Kristi said.
  "Jacob has grown so much this year physically, socially, and academically since the beginning of this school year," said Jarrett, k-4 resource teacher at Hampton Elementary. "He has learned so much this year and he always tries his very best. He has many friends at school and he is very affectionate to his teachers. His speech and language has improved tremendously from the beginning of this school year. I look forward in working with him next year. I know that he will continue to progress."