800 numbers bombard resident

By Thomas Wilson
An Elizabethton man says his personal 800 number essentially became a customer service line for people all over the country trying to contact a vacation sales company.
"It is mind-boggling," said Paul Knapp of Elizabethton. "For almost one year, we've been getting calls from all over the world."
Knapp said he had been bombarded with telephone calls from numerous states as well as England and Puerto Rico for over 9 months. Callers told Knapp they were trying to reach Vacation Station. Last week, Sprint said representatives had told him the number would be manually disconnected from his telephone line.
"We've tried to cancel it more than once but we've finally got results," said Knapp. "It took a lot of anger to get it done."
Knapp said he received a vacation package from the company, but did not take the vacation. He said telephone calls made to the Better Business Bureau in Florida complaining of the calls yielded no results. Knapp said he had a personal 800 number to give his daughter a toll-free option to call from her home in New York.
He said he had the number canceled in April, but calls kept coming through last week. Knapp said a Sprint representative told him the line essentially had to be manually disconnected.
A Vacation Station company spokesperson who declined to be identified said Wednesday the company had resolved the problem regarding the company and Knapp's 800 number. The 800 numbers were so similar callers were misdialing the number and reaching Knapp, the spokesperson stated.
Vacation Station has corporate headquarters in Ormond Beach, Fla. According to the company's Web site, Vacation Station provides property rentals and getaways at a variety of resort destinations.