Bunny helps police bag burglar

By Abby Morris
Star Staff

   A Johnson City man was arrested Sunday after he stole a cell phone from the van of a local radio station and a video from a local video rental store.
   Jeffery Lee Guy, Jr., 23, 136 Beechwood Drive, Johnson City, was taken into custody Sunday afternoon and charged with theft, disorderly conduct and criminal impersonation by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Joy Shoun.
   According to a report by Shoun, she was called to respond to Grindstaff Chevrolet in reference to a theft which had just occurred. "The caller, who works as the Rabbit for WXBQ Radio Station, stated that a male subject entered the radio van and had stolen a cell phone, and then continued walking down the street," Shoun states in her report. "The complainant stated that he was able to recover his cell phone from the suspect, but he called 911 because he felt that it may not be safe for the individual to continue walking at large."
   The complainant, whose real identity was not released, advised the officer that the suspect was a white male subject who was wearing blue pants and a white dress shirt and was carrying a VCR. "I observed a male subject matching the same description in the parking area of the Snow Shack attempting to enter traffic on West G Street," Shoun said. "Upon speaking to the subject, he identified himself as Josh Slagle. I recognized him, however, as being a Mr. Guy who had recently been arrested by Sgt. (John) Hardin on a separate incident."
   According to the report, Guy denied having been at Grindstaff Chevrolet when the officer asked him about the incident involving the cellular phone.
   Shoun observed that Guy was carrying a VCR, a newspaper and a video tape with him. "When asked where he was going, he stated that he was going to his mom's house in Johnson City, but he also stated that he was currently in Johnson City. The subject was completely unaware of his surroundings and was unable to consistently answer simple questions asked by (Shoun). He was taken into custody due to the hazardous condition to himself as well as the safety of the general public."
   After taking Guy into custody, Shoun returned to Grindstaff Chevrolet to speak to the complainant who had reported that his cellular phone had been stolen and recovered. "(Guy) was positively identified by the WXBQ Rabbit as being the same individual who had taken the cell phone," Shoun states in her report.
   At the time of his arrest, Guy also had in his possession a video tape which was labeled as property of Flick Video. "After the subject gave several inconsistent answers as to how he obtained the tape I contacted the clerk at Flick Video. The clerk, Ms. Tracy Wilson, stated that the video had been taken on this date approximately 45 minutes prior to this incident. She identified (Guy) as being the male who entered the store when the video was taken."
   Shoun returned the video tape to the clerk and then transported Guy to the Carter County Jail where jail files positively identified him as Jeffery Lee Guy, Jr.