Polling places open to voters on Thursday

By Thomas Wilson

   Redistricting resulting from the 2000 U.S. Census slightly altered where some Carter County residents will vote in Thursday's county general election and state primary.
   County residents living in the Elk Mills, Hampton and Little Milligan communities who previously voted in the 4th District now vote in the 6th District, joining the Valley Forge Community.
   The East Side precinct was moved into the 4th District with the Courthouse and Siam precincts.
   The 6th District now includes voters in the Elk Mills, Hampton, Little Milligan and Valley Forge precincts.
   Redistricting sent sitting Commissioner Wayne Smith into the 6th District.
   The populations realignment also moved sitting constables Bobby Trivette and Richard A. Hicks from the 4th to the 6th District.
   Roan Mountain residents will vote at the new Cloudland Elementary School on Highway 19-E. It will be the first time the school has served as a polling place since its construction was completed in December.
   The following is a list of polling places for precincts in each county district on Thursday. Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
   1st District
   Hunter Precinct, Hunter Elementary School, 145 Hope Street.
   Midway Precinct, Buladeen Club House, Highway 91.
   Unaka Precinct, Unaka Elementary School, 1635 Highway 91.
   2nd District
   Roan Mountain Precinct, (the new) Cloudland Elementary School, 8540 Highway 19-E, Roan Mountain.
   Tiger Valley Precinct, Hampton High School, 766 First Street, Hampton.
   3rd District
   Central Precinct, Central Elementary School, 252 Taylor Town Road, Johnson City.
   Keenburg Precinct, Keenburg Elementary School, 139 Keenburg Road.
   Range Precinct, Range Elementary School, 655 Watauga Road, Watauga.
   Watauga Precinct, Watauga City Hall, Watauga.
   4th District
   Courthouse Precinct, Carter County Courthouse.
   East Side Precinct, East Side Elementary School, 800 Siam Road.
   Siam Precinct, Siam Elementary School, 2453 Siam Road.
   5th District
   Happy Valley Precinct, Happy Valley Elementary School, 1840 Milligan Highway.
   6th District
   Elk Mills Precinct, Elk Mills Volunteer Fire Department, 107 Poga Road, Butler.
   Little Milligan Precinct, Little Milligan Elementary School, 4226 Highway 321, Butler.
   Hampton Precinct, Hampton Elementary School, 408 Highway 321, Hampton.
   Valley Forge Precinct, Valley Forge Elementary School, Riverview Road.
   7th District
   Gap Creek Precinct, Happy Valley High School, 121 Warpath Lane.
   West Side Precinct, West Side Elementary School, 1300 Burgie Street.
   8th District
   Harold McCormick Precinct, Harold McCormick Elementary, S. Cedar Street.
   High School Precinct, T.A. Dugger Junior High School, 305 West E Street.