Crowe and Cole announce art grants awarded to Cloudland
From Staff Reports

   State Senator Rusty Crowe and House Representative Ralph Cole on Monday announced that two art grants totaling $5,500 have been awarded to Cloudland Elementary School.
   The Tennessee Arts Commission grants are funded from state and federal dollars, primarily through money received from cultural and collegiate license plate fees.
   One of the grants, which totaled $1,500, is for Cloudland Elementary School's Arts Inspire project, and the second grant, totaling $4,000, is for the school's Turning Hearts Home project.
   "It's wonderful to see grants come into our district to enhance the learning environment for our school children. Ann Smith of the Tennessee Arts Commission has informed us that these art grants are approved," Crowe said. "I hope to see even more grants come into our district to improve other programs and projects both in the arts and in education."
   Rep. Cole also lauded the school's access to the art grants and the TAC. "Our arts organizations are very important to our community and to the future of the arts in Tennessee. In such a difficult budget year, I am pleased that they will be receiving this grant and am proud of the Cloudland School's efforts," he said.
   The TAC works with designated agencies to distribute state monies through the Arts Build Communities program.