Two charged after found asleep at traffic light

By Kathy Helms-Hughes


   A Hampton man is facing numerous drug charges following a traffic stop Sunday by Elizabethton Police Department Ptl. Joey Proffitt and Ptl. Jason McCall.
   Ptl. Proffitt was notified around 4:15 a.m. of a gold-color vehicle sitting at the traffic light at West Elk Avenue and Bemberg Road with the driver and passenger passed out.
   When the officer approached the vehicle, he found Noah A. Gouge, 22, 612 W. C St., asleep at the wheel with the car running and the transmission in drive. A passenger in the vehicle, Dustin James Lyons, 18, 443 Hwy. 321, Hampton, also was slumped over, according to the report. The driver was asked why he was sleeping, and Gouge told the officer that he was tired, that he had drunk two beers and had taken his medication, Lortab. After performing poorly on three field sobriety tasks, he was charged with driving on suspended license and DUI.
   The passenger, Lyons, was asked to exit the vehicle after Ptl. McCall detected an odor of alcohol. When Lyons got out, the officer noticed a pill bottle under the passenger seat containing a green pill identified as Valium. Lyons was charged with underage consumption and taken to Carter County Jail.
   When officers conducted another search of Lyons' person at the jail, Ptl. McCall found a set of scales and inside Lyons' wallet, a plastic bag containing four white pills identified as Valium, and two purple pills, not identified.
   Lyons was asked whether he had any more drugs on him, to which he responded, "No." Deputy Eric Buck then asked Lyons to take off his shoes. When he did, the officer found four baggies containing what was believed to be marijuana and a multi-colored glass bowl containing residue.
   Lyons was asked again whether he had any more drugs on him. He said, "No." He was asked to take off his shorts. When he did, two more baggies fell to the floor. In all, officers confiscated approximately 101.9 grams of green leafy substance, along with $755 cash.
   In addition to being charged with underage consumption, Lyons was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of Schedule IV with intent to resale, possession of Schedule VI with intent to resale, and introduction of narcotics into a penal institution. All items were entered into evidence.