County man arrested after two-hour standoff

By Kathy Helms-Hughes

   An Elizabethton man was forcibly removed Sunday from a house on Charity Hill Road by members of Carter County Sheriff's Department's SWAT Team after allegedly breaking into the home and making threats toward officers.
   Jody Guy, 33, 3339 Gap Creek Road, was charged with aggravated burglary and resisting arrest after entering his ex-girlfriend's home, according to Carter County Sheriff John Henson.
   The sheriff said Guy's former girlfriend, Flo Hartley, was at Elk Mills General Store Sunday afternoon when she received a telephone call from Guy, who told her he was inside the residence.
   Henson said Hartley advised Guy that he was not supposed to be in the house and that she was going to call the sheriff's department.
   "He said, 'Go ahead and call them, and when they get out here, there's going to be some shooting going on,' " Henson said.
   Sgt. Penny Cornett and Lt. Rocky Croy were in the area and arrived at the Charity Hill location in a matter of minutes, surrounding the house and keeping it under surveillance until backup officers could arrive, the sheriff said.
   "It was a real serious situation. He barricaded himself in the house. We knew there were guns in the house, so we took every precaution," Henson said. "We got on the PA (public address system) and tried to order him out. He wouldn't come out. We tried to make contact back by phone. He wouldn't answer the phone. So we had no alternative then but to go in and do whatever was necessary to get him out."
   The sheriff's department was dispatched to the scene around 3 p.m. The standoff was not over, however, until around 5 p.m., according to the sheriff.
   "It took a little planning and a little strategy," Henson said. "It took us about an hour and a half to get set up. We forced the door open and went in and found him hiding in a closet downstairs in the basement."
   Henson said Guy resisted when officers tried to handcuff him. "They had to wrestle him a little bit, but everything ended well. No one was hurt. I'm proud of my officers," the sheriff said.
   Last year, Guy led Sgt. Cornett on a chase along Siam Road before losing control of the truck he was driving and flipping it off an embankment and into a yard on Perkins Road. Guy then fled the scene.
   "We've had problems with him before," Henson said.
   Chief Deputy James Parrish, Lt. Jamie Jenkins, Sgt. Patrick Johnson, Deputies Dean Jones, Laverne Julian and Todd Hamm from the sheriff's department also responded, along with Constable Bobby Canter.