Who likes who in Carter County

By Thomas Wilson


   State campaign law requires candidates to disclose the names, addresses and amounts donated to their political campaigns if the amount exceeds $100.
   The following chart details contributors' names and amounts of their monetary contributions over $100 and "in-kind" contributions made to candidates running in the county races for County Executive and Sheriff and the Fourth District House of Representative's race.
   All financial disclosure statements were required to be submitted by candidate in person or postmarked one week for the election date.
   According to Tennessee Code Annotated, local elected officials can accept no more than $1,000 from one person, $5,000 from a political action committee (PAC), and total contributions of $20,000 from PACs.
   State law also specifies that a candidate may only use $20,000 of his or her personal money. However, the state's Attorney General has opined that those limits are unconstitutional, thus the Registry of Election Finance is not currently enforcing those limits.

   John Henson

   $1,000 Joseph Gregory, Piney Flats
   $500 Robert Reynolds, Gray
   $500 Billy Chandler, Elizabethton
   $500 Affordable Bail, Elizabethton
   $200 Independent Health Services, Rainsville, Ala.
   E. John Peters
   $6,628.21 by the candidate E. John Peters
   $1,000 Joe Collins, Elizabethton
   Kenneth Potter
   $2,673 by the candidate Kenneth Potter
   $1,000 Herman Honeycutt, Roan Mountain
   $500 Daniel Paul, Elizabethton
   $500 Don Potter, Burke, Va.
   $300 Blaine Boone, Roan Mountain
   $250 John and Salley Livingston, Elizabethton
   $200 Jerry Marlow, Elizabethton
   $200 Kenneth Kelly, Johnson City
   In-kind donations:
   $2,250 provided by Albert Harrison of Watauga for "hats, watermelons and cantaloupes."
   $1,187 provided by Floyd Storie of Elizabethton for "political cards, pizza and campaign rally expenses."
   $400 provided by Jerry and Barbara Livingston, Elizabethton, for postage and mailouts.
   Jerry L. Proffitt
   $1,000 Richard Grindstaff, Elizabethton
   $100 G.W. Puckett, Elizabethton
   $100 Randy Lewis, Elizabethton
   In-kind contributions:
   $100 provided by David Taylor for a campaign sign.
   $100 provided by G.W. Puckett for a campaign sign.
County Executive

   Stanley Bailey
   $4,000 George S. Bailey
   $2,000 Profession Office, Johnson City
   $2,000 Grindstaff, Inc.
   $250 Robert L. Lyons, Elizabethton
   $200 Lanny Norris, Elizabethton
   Kevin B. Colbaugh
   No contributions over $100 or under $100 were reported.
   Dale Fair
   $1,000 Leonard Fair
   $1,000 by the candidate Dale Fair
   $1,000 David Wilson, Elizabethton
   $500 Grant Trivett, Johnson City
   $400 Jerry Whitehead, Elizabethton
   $250 Joe L. Alexander, Elizabethton
   In-kind donations
   $1,000 provided by Dan and Lorena Cogan for caps and T-shirts.
   $468 provided by Milt Fair for a newspaper advertisement.
   Janet Hyder
   Financial disclosure statement mailed to commission,
   unavailable for review Thursday
   Richard Z. Gray
   $500 Kenneth Brumit, Elizabethton
   $200 Don Wilson, Elizabethton
   Brad Green
   $1,927 by the candidate Brad Green
   $500 Gary White, Elizabethton
   $320 Eckert Street, Elizabethton
   $300 Ardin "Kayo" Gentry, Elizabethton
   $100 Sara Sellers, Johnson City
   $100 Chris McIntosh, Johnson City
   $100 Brian White, Roswell, Ga.
   Bobby McClain
   Received $2,100 in contributions under $100, no individual contributions over $100
Republican Primary
Fourth District House of Representatives

   Jerome Cochran
   $5,000 Equal Opportunity Education Project, Nashville
   $1,000 Joseph Gregory, Piney Flats
   $800 Stuart Anderson, Franklin
   $250 Barry Brown, Gallatin
   Ralph Cole
   Financial disclosure statement mailed to commission,
   unavailable for review Thursday