Former commissioner Roberts seeks election in 7th District

From Staff Reports

   Eddie R. Roberts has announced his candidacy for Carter County Commissioner from the 7th District, which consists of Gap Creek and West Side. Roberts represented the old 5th District on the commission from 1990 to 1994.
   Roberts is a lifelong resident of Carter County and is employed as a lead correctional officer at Avery/Mitchell Correctional Facility in North Carolina.
   In announcing his candidacy, Roberts said that if elected he will be a "voice for the people" of his district and will fulfill the office of commissioner to the best of his ability, with honesty and integrity.
   Roberts is concerned with the educational welfare of children in the county, the efficiency of how tax dollars are spent, keeping taxes down, and what would be most beneficial for the people of Carter County.
   Although Roberts has not been able to contact every one in his district personally, he said, he would like to ask them for their vote and support.