Stoney Creek firefighters bring home first-place trophies

By Kathy Helms-Hughes

   Seven members of Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department participated in a "Fire Rodeo" Saturday as part of the annual Fun Fest celebration in Kingsport and walked off with three first-place trophies.
   According to Assistant Fire Chief Doug Buckles, there were five events in all, four of which counted toward the total competition.
   "It's open to fire departments from all over the area. There were fire departments from Carters Valley, Bloomingdale, Gray, Sullivan County, Hampton ..." and other locations, Buckles said.
   One of the events, the "Battle of the Ball," which did not count toward the overall standings, was won by Carters Valley Volunteer Fire Department.
   "The four that counted toward the overall standings, we won first place in two of them," Buckles said.
   One of the events for which Stoney Creek took home a first-place trophy simulated rescuing a victim in a structure fire. Firefighters had to recover the body and get it to the safe zone, along with pulling hose line, according to Buckles.
   Stoney Creek also took first place in the "Bucket Brigade" event, which simulated firefighting in the olden days. Firemen lined up near a water source, each with a bucket, and the one nearest the water filled the bucket and passed it on down the line. Rather than extinguishing a blaze, however, they placed the water in a waiting container and whoever filled the container first won the event.
   Stoney Creek also placed second and third in two other events.
   "We won second in the interior attack," Buckles said. Two firemen, who were blindfolded throughout the entire event, "went through a maze and hooked up a line to a sprinkler system and then had to plug the sprinkler head off."
   Stoney Creek also placed third in an event known as the "Quick Attack."
   "It consisted of a fire truck going through an obstacle course, then placing the truck, pulling the line off, and knocking down two targets," Buckles said.
   "We had two first-place trophies and also a first-place trophy for [best] overall, so we're very tickled," he said.