Commission, county will have new look after Monday meeting

By Thomas Wilson


   The Carter County Commission meeting on Monday will mark the end of an era for some commissioners and the county's executive.
   After the county's August 1 general election, the commission will have at least three new members and a new county executive when it meets again in September.
   Commissioners Teddy Weaver and Don Treadway chose not to seek re-election while fellow incumbent Brad Green is making a bid to become the next county executive.
   The meeting will also mark the end of Truman Clark's tenure as county executive. Clark chose not to run for re-election after 20 years at the helm of the county.
   The county election could prove to be very competitive in several districts.
   The 1st and 6th Districts have eight candidates, the 2nd District has nine candidates and six citizens are seeking seats in the 3rd District.
   The county's general election saw seven new commission members take office four years ago.
   Adeline Hyder won her first term in the 1st District four years ago.
   R.L. Miller rolled to a first term victory in the 2nd District, leading all four candidates in votes, while first-termers Joe Woods and Wayne Smith claimed victory in the 3rd and 4th Districts, respectively.
   As two of three candidates running in the 6th District, Green and Larry McKinney won their first terms while Sid Cox knocked off long-time commissioner Dean Perry in the 7th District.
   George "Pete" Blankenship won a second term representing the 5th District but died in 1999. His wife, Jo Ann Blankenship, was appointed by the commission to succeed her husband in June 1999. She later won a two-year term in the 2000 election.
   County residents in the 4th and 6th Districts will be traveling to different polling locations this year. The two districts were redrawn according to U.S. Census Bureau's decennial data to reflect the county's population.
   The county's 4th District was previously made up of the Courthouse, Hampton, Siam, Little Milligan and Elk Mills precincts.
   The 6th District included only the Hampton and Valley Forge precincts.
   After redistricting, the 4th District is now comprised of Courthouse, Eastside and Siam precincts.
   The precincts of Elk Mills, Hampton, Little Milligan and Valley Forge now represent the 6th District.
   The commission will not meet again until the September meeting when new commissioners and the next county executive will be sworn into office.