Culler has experience to make 'the hard decisions'

By Kathy Helms-Hughes


   Being a county commissioner is not an easy job, according to Chuck Culler, candidate in the 4th District. But with 12 years' experience on the commission, Culler believes he has gathered the knowledge needed to make the hard decisions.
   "Our job is to make decisions based on as much information as we can gather on a specific plan or issue. We must study the issues and ask all of the questions we can from every source available, and of course, listen to the people that we represent. These decisions are not always popular and most of the time, very difficult," he said.
   Culler believes the county is faced with three important issues:
   * "Maintaining the financial integrity of our county government;
   * "Concentrating on the efforts to develop industry in the county to keep more of our citizens working at home; and
   * "Maintaining our school system to prepare our children and give them every opportunity to read and write."
   Culler said he also believes that countywide zoning is needed to enhance quality and property values.
   "We have problem areas in the county and this will give us the guidelines and the authority to eliminate the junk and keep other problem areas from developing," he said.
   Culler also feels that hiring a county finance director will be beneficial.
   "I was fortunate to be on the committee that went to two other counties that had in place a financial director. In both of these counties they had seen benefits from this program," he said.
   "I believe that this would help our county by being able to go to one source for all financial information and would allow us to purchase for one department, not three."
   Culler believes that the Aug. 1 General Election will result in several changes in leadership for Carter County and possibly a new focus on industrial recruiting and economic development.
   "With these changes [in leadership], hopefully we will see new ideas. And with these new ideas, we must re-evaluate our recruiting processes and the funding for our industrial agent," he said.
   Culler, 50, was born in Carter County and is a graduate of Hampton High School. He is employed by Sprint as a technical specialist and is married to the former Sharon Johnson. The couple have three children.